Sebastian Kunas, musician, sound artist.

This is my plain online home, being in a transitional stage as of February 2022.


I'm an artist and educator working in the fields of music, sound art, theater and academics. Besides my strong penchant for machinic repetition and playing with sound in the electronic domain, I am a semi-sophisticated bass, drums and guitar player. With my background in pop and DIY culture as well as in cultural and sound studies, I am interested in the social entanglements of music, in artistic reflections on and playful subversions of power structures, in the never-ending work on the good life for all people*

I work as a musician, sound artist and performer with independent theater collectives such as vorschlag:hammer, Thermoboy FK and musiktheater bruit!. I also do sound installations, sound lecture performances, radiophonic art, and I play in bands. I like doing and sharing stuff with others, and the (feeling of) connectedness that sparks from that.

I teach electronic sound and music practice in the department of Kultur­wissen­schaften & Ästhe­ti­sche Kommu­nika­tion at the University of Hildes­heim and supervise the electronic studio and the recording studio there.

I am a member of the collective ARK (Arkestrated Rhythmachine Komplexities), a changing association of musicians, producers, writers, scholars, and electronic musicking things, who*which perform heterochronicity and multi-track knowledge, looking for post-representative sound formats. Our works have been presented at CTM Festival Berlin, HKW Berlin, ifa-Galerie Berlin, MK&G Hamburg, MARKK Hamburg, Johann Jacobs Museum Zürich, HBK Braunschweig, among others.

I live near Bielefeld, Germany.


With ARK, we are currently working on a sound installation about the privilege of being silent and of being heard in the so-called NSU trial for the exhibition Offener Prozess.

In July, a piece I am developing with the theater collective vorschlag:hammer and the Junges Theater Bremen will premiere.

In October, I will be giving a sound lecture performance at this conference about the collaborative entanglements of digitized musical practice.

Current, still

With ARK, we recently did a sound installation called (Un)Making Beats – (Un)Making Histories for the exhibition Hey Hamburg, kennst du Duala Manga Bell? at MARKK Hamburg, which will run until the end of 2022.

I enjoyed creating a little title track for the really good podcast Alles für Alle with debates and theory by and for those active and interested in gender politics.

Although it's only about a few seconds – I'm pretty happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to the cinematic gem Futur Drei about post-/migrant and queer futures by creating the track wins.odds.history together with students from my course.

I contributed some playing and singing to the 2019 album Wounding The Weather by my dear friends My Sister Grenadine. This song particularly means something to me. I also played bass, synth and other stuff on the 2020 album Coconut Dreams by Fabian Simon & The Moon Machine.

Here you can still listen to the radio play ANNA about human-machinic futurisms and a speech recognition software as a Dada poetry machine, which I did with Norbert Lang in 2018 for Bayerischer Rundfunk.


I will be happy if you drop me a line. CV and references upon request.

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